Jack Bulik

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

Jack Bulik (CSI, PSFC) is a renowned senior film colorist who traveled the world doing color grading on a variety of film projects, currently based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


He has extensive experience in telecine, DI grading, and mastering feature films, TV commercials, TV series, and music videos. While working throughout Europe and Asia he had the opportunity to work on commercial projects with large multinational corporations like Disney, Netflix, Bose, Sony, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Orange, Red Bull, T-Mobile, Pepsi, Ikea, Nivea, and many others.


He also graded multiple award-winning feature films alongside some of the recognized people in the moving picture industry, including Oscar-winning producers, directors (i.e Jean-Claude Van Damme), DP’s as well as famous film stars from around the world. Thanks to his experience from working abroad he gained invaluable cultural sensitivity that allows him to detect and incorporate different styles into color grading. 


You can check out his movie credits on the IMDb website.